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Campaign 70-years jubilee

We got very flattered when we were chosen by a big housing company to help them promote the celebration of their 70-years jubilee (1944-2014). To emphasize the early phase when it all started in particular we used a representative dressed in a typical 1950th outfit who was included in all marketing during the jubilee year, for example by a TV-spot we produced which was shown on local TV.

In the campaign we also created a jubilee magazine which was distributed by the shops in town. We put an advertisement in the local newspapers which informed the readers that there was an opportunity to earn prizes by answering a couple of questions whose answers were found in our magazine.

Though there´s no celebrating without a cake. Therefor we produced postcards designed as a cake that were sent to the approximately 2000 apartment tenants so they could bring it to a bakery and be able to pick out a cake for free.

All parts of the campaign were very successful and we reached out to the public in a very good way. The conclusion after our work during the 70-years jubilee year was that the whole campaign was a big success.

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Product: Campaign 70-years jubilee
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